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Encourage, Motivate,& Inspire
the Next Generation
of Dancers

Virtual Private Lessons

Est. 2020

Looking to improve your technique, build strength, or gain flexibility?

Whether you are a young dancer, pre-professional, or adult student, Virtual Private Lessons can help you achieve your personal goals no matter where you live!​

Lessons offered in:

Ballet, Pointe, Stretch /Conditioning, & Variations Coaching

As well as specialty sessions for: 

Choreography, and Audition Prep.

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** In Addition to virtual lessons, we now also offer**

In-Person lessons

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Virtual Private Lessons

Started in the spring of 2020 to keep dancers
encouraged & motivated during the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Our aim is to support, motivate, and inspire the next generation of dancers at all levels. Dancers have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback in an easily accessible online format! Virtual private lessons are not only 1/2 the cost of an in-person session, but can be the perfect addition to a dancer's regular training, accessible anywhere, and can be tailored to the dancer's specific needs.

Virtual Private Lessons continues to reach students and ballet enthusiasts throughout the US, and has grown to include hosting various virtual events throughout the year, on-demand follow along class videos, A History of Ballet webinar series, and  much more

both online and in-person. 

In addition to virtual lessons, we now also offer:

In-Person Lessons

Live Virtual Events 

FREE On Demand Class Videos

A History Of Ballet Series Webinar Presentation ​​

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Current Student & Parent Testimonials

"You helped me so much and taught me how to love ballet in a way that I haven't ever before. You are such an awesome teacher online that I cannot begin to imagine how great you are in person."


- Student - 

You are a great teacher because you are precise, detail oriented, and show what I am doing wrong and how to fix it."


 - Student -

"I've pushed myself to be a better ballet dancer in your class. You've helped me see things I need to work on and you've supported me."


- Student - 

"You have been such an amazing mentor. I learn something new every class and every class you push me to work harder and be a better dancer. I can honestly say that you one of the most knowledgeable and funniest dance teachers I have ever learned from."


- Student - 

"Both you and Dmitriy are wonderful teachers. The classes I took with you last summer  ('21) at TWSB adult class are the best I've ever had. Again, I really appreciate that you have created this platform!"


- Adult Student -

"She has managed to make the class both physically demanding and fun. In addition she is feeding into our daughter's confidence and love for ballet. Given the challenges with distance learning, I wanted to voice she is doing an excellent job. Our daughter is lucky to have her as a teacher."


- Parent -

"I love the way you train your dancers and your high expectations for them. My daughter is learning so much from you and she truly appreciates being challenged. Thank you!"


 - Parent -

"My daughter felt weak and anxious coming off of a broken ankle  Thank you for giving her the physical and mental strength to continue to grow as a dancer."

- Parent -

Home: Testimonials
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Lessons Offered

Lessons can be combined for 2 hour sessions only.

Please see the payment & policy page for more information.


Adult ballet class

Available for Beginner through Pre-Professional and Adult levels of ballet. These lessons focus on refining classical ballet technique while encouraging and guiding each dancer to grow artistically.


Pointe Shoes

Work on gaining foot strength and articulation through Pointe centered private lessons. Available for all levels of Pointe work from beginner to advanced.

Stretch & Conditioning

Stretch Class

Essential cross training exercises to keep dancers strong, healthy, and injury free but are also perfect add-ons for adult students & non-dancers looking for a new way to workout. Stretch focuses on gaining flexibility through relaxing and de-stressing the mind and body while Conditioning is pilates based & focuses on strengthening key dancer muscle groups like core and turnout.

*Sessions can be booked as a Stretch Only lesson or a Stretch & Conditioning Combo lesson.*

Ballet Variations Coaching & Choreography

Variations & choreography .png

Coaching in classical ballet variations are available to students for auditions and competitions. 

Original choreography sessions are also available. Have  an original neoclassical piece created just for you that shows off your individual strengths, personality and artistry.  Pricing for original choreography does differ based on length of piece.

Video Audition Prep for
Summer Programs & Companies

Arabesque - photo credit Rosalie O'Connor

Specifically designed to assist students with their audition preparation for summer programs and/or company auditions. This includes time to record barre & center combinations as well as record any required variations/solos for audition video submissions. This session also gives time for the necessary audition photos such as
1st. Arabesque, etc.

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Lesson Sessions & Pricing



For more information on virtual lessons, in-person lessons,
coaching or choreography

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