Payment, Policy, & Lesson Attire Information


Private Lesson Attire

Whether virtual or in-person, Ladies taking a ballet private should have their hair in a bun or if too short, pulled back and secured away from their face. Ladies should also preferably wear a ballet leotard (any color/style) & ballet tights and ballet shoes. It makes it easier to see and correct the students alignment while dancing. 

Gentlemen for ballet privates should wear appropriate male ballet attire (tighter fitting white t-shirt, black tights, white or black socks, and white or black shoes). If new to ballet, and not comfortable to wear tights, boys may wear tighter fitting shorts. It is important to see and correct student's alignment, placement, and knees while dancing. 

For a stretch/dance conditioning private, students may wear any workout/fitness clothing that is more of a tight fit rather then loose fit. This helps, especially virtually, to see and correct the student's alignment/placement while doing the exercises. Students can wear socks or be barefoot for this class, whatever is more comfortable.

Students for these lessons should be prepared to use a pilates/yoga mat, therabands/stretch bands, and light weights*

(*light weights are only used for dance conditioning not stretch lessons.)

Not sure where to buy dance attire?

A good online store that tends to be more affordable then local retail stores is:

New customers be sure to use my teacher code #114041 at checkout to receive 8% OFF** your first purchase. 

**New customers to Discount Dance only. Cannot be combined with any other offer**

Zoom Meeting Links for Virtual Lessons

Zoom Meeting links are automatically created at the time of booking an online lesson. They can be found in the booking confirmation & reminder emails, as well as in the Members Area of the website. 
If for some reason you cannot find the link to your session, please email me and I can re-send the link.

Payment Methods & Refunds

Lessons can be paid for by using the banking app Zelle®

For in-studio coaching sessions, we also accept cash.  

For both Zelle® & cash, full payment must be made prior to or at start of the lesson.

(Zelle® is a banking app that is already embedded into most U.S. banking and credit union systems.  It works like Venmo by transferring money quickly and more safely then checks and credit cards. There are no fees and absolutely no personal banking information is shared. 

Simply activate Zelle® on your mobile banking app (or online through your bank or credit union) and send your payment to

Refunds are not available once a lesson has been completed.

Refunds will only be issued on a case by case basis.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please do so at least 24 hours before you private is scheduled to take place. 

Virtual Lessons that are not canceled or rescheduled within 24hrs as stated above must still be paid IN FULL.

Likewise, there is a $50 Inconvenience Fee for In-Person Lessons that result in "no show" or are not canceled within 24hrs as stated above.

These transactions MUST be made through Zelle®

(Please see the "Payment Methods & Refunds" section above on how to use Zelle®)

Studio Rental Information & Fees

There are additional studio rental fees that need to be included at the time of payment for in-person sessions.

The studio's rental fee for the Ashburn, VA (East Coast Edge Dance Center) location is:

$10 - hr

$15 - 1hr 30min.

$20 - 2hrs

*Please include rental fee in your total payment (either Zelle® or cash)

The studio rental fee for the Leesburg, VA (Dance Academy of Loudoun) location is as follows:

Current DAL Students

(Fees will be added directly to your DAL account)    

$24 - 1hr                                    

$36 - 1hr 30min                          

$48 - 2hrs


Non DAL Students

(Please make a separate check payable to Dance Academy of Loudoun)

$50 - 1hr

$75 - 1hr 30min

$100 - 2hrs

The studio rental fee for the Richmond, VA (Richmond Academy of Ballet) location is:

$70 - 2hrs* - cash only

*Only a 2hr session is available at this location due to travel time*

Sessions & Lesson Combination

Virtual Private Lessons that are 2 hours long can be combined and customized to your specific needs. 

For example, a student could request to have a 2 hour ballet class only, or could request a 1 hour ballet and the other hour to be pointe, dance conditioning session, or a coaching session.  Please indicate this on the booking form.

This customizable option is only available if you book a 2 hour private or semi-private session.

Ballet Variations Coaching & Original Choreography Request Information

For requesting to book ballet variations coaching, just select a regular in-person or virtual private lesson to book and indicate on the booking form that you would like a "variation coaching session"

There is no additional choreography fee. Only the lesson fee and studio rental fee (if applicable)

For booking an original choreography session, please note that there is an additional ONE TIME ONLY Choreography fee of $100 per min. of piece.

(Example: if the choreography is 2min. 50sec. long the one time fee is $250+ regular or virtual lesson fee & studio rental fee if applicable.) 

The choreography fee must be paid in full at the time of the first session. Only the private lesson fees and studio rental fees apply for additional scheduled rehearsal sessions.